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Calcot Golf Club - Lake Dredging

Calcot Golf Course in Berkshire, England, had been experiencing issues with the build-up of silt in their lake. This silt was causing problems with drainage, reducing water quality, and impacting the aesthetic value of the lake. In addition, the silt was creating an environment that was unsuitable for fish and other aquatic life.

To address these issues, the golf course instructed P&D Environmental to undertake a dredging project to remove the silt from the lake. The dredging process involved the use of our cutter suction dredger known to us as Kermit. Kermit is fitted with a powerful rotator head that cuts the silt from the lakebed and pumps it through a 6-inch pump to either a dewatering bag on the bank or a constructed holding area called a bund. For this project the use of a constructed bund was taken. The silt was pumped from the dredger over 100 meters to a large constructed settling pond. After passing through several settling ponds and a final filter through straw bales, the water was returned back to the lake with the silt remaining in the first of the constructed ponds.

The project required careful planning and execution to minimize any negative impacts on the surrounding environment and active golfers. The dredging was conducted during the winter months to avoid disturbing any nesting birds or other wildlife. Calcot Golf course expressed an interest in the removed nutrient rich silt to. After a period of time the client will begin to use the silt to over areas of the course to further fertilise the course.

The project was completed successfully, and the lake is now much clearer and healthier. The improved water quality has led to an increase in the number of fish and other aquatic life, which has in turn made the lake a more attractive feature for golfers and visitors.

Overall, the dredging of silt from the Calcot Golf Course Lake was a successful project that addressed a range of environmental and aesthetic issues. It demonstrates the importance of carefully planning and executing such projects to minimize negative impacts and achieve positive outcomes.


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