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dredging & desilting contractors uk

UK Dredging Contractors - Specialist silt removal services for inland watercourse restoration projects.

To ensure good management of all watercourses periodic dredging, desilting and maintenance should be carried out to promote a
healthy eco-system.


P&D Environmental Ltd offers a wide range of dredging and desilting services for the removal of sediment from a variety of watercourses, including canals, rivers, lakes, ditches, moats and marina’s using a range of innovative methods to meet your project requirements. We offer a full project management service which covers:

  • Silt and sediment disposal

  • Land restoration

  • Specialist plant and dredging equipment


Our cutter suction dredging machine is ideal for dredging in hard-to-reach spaces, while creating minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. To find out more about our cutter suction dredger services, contact a member of our team today.

dino 6 dredging machine uk

P&D Environmental Ltd can assist with any planning consents, waste exemption certificates, silt testing and consents for disposal, as well as liaise with farmers and landowners. We can also offer full ecology services through our working relationships with other companies as well as full site and hydrological surveys to assist with your project requirements. 

Our versatile fleet of equipment, including floating dredgers, modular pontoons, and long-reach excavators, allows us to adapt to the specific needs of each project. Whether we are operating within a river or along a canal bank, we have the machinery needed to remove sediment and debris efficiently.

Sediment and silt naturally build up on a daily basis within any canal, lake, stream, river or pond. This build-up of material can result in a number of issues including; decreased navigation of the waterways, restriction of floodwater draining from the surrounding land and urban areas and cause harm to the environment and wildlife. Our cutter suction dredgers are mounted on floating craft and allow thin layers of material to be removed from the lake or river bed. The sediments are pumped ashore using floating flexible pipes. This method avoids riparian damage and minimises damage to the river and lake bed. The pumps used are powerful enough to transport silt up to a kilometre away from the water body allowing the silt collection and treatment area to be away from the delicate riparian habitat.

The silt can be removed from the water through silt pumping or silt dredging and deposited on land in the close vicinity. It can either be spread evenly over the land and left to allow the vegetation to grow back through. The silt could be stockpiled behind a temporary bund to prevent run off which would allow for removal from the bund once the material has dried or it could be spread out evenly behind the bund. Future uses of the dried out silt if left on site are: as a top soil to even out land, landscaping, planting, beds or manure.

UK Based Dredging Services From P&D Environmental:

  • Marina Dredging

  • Inland Waterway Dredging

  • Capital & Maintenance Dredging

  • River Dredging

  • Canal Dredging

  • UK Waterway Dredging

  • Sediment Dredging

  • Contract Dredging Services For Private Clients & Authorities. 

  • Dredging, Desilting & Disposal Packages Available.


The cost of dredging can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the area, the complexity of the waterway, the amount of material to be removed and the chosen dredging method. We have our own specialist fleet, including modular pontoons, floating dredgers, and

long-reach excavators, which allows us to tackle projects of every size and complexity in a cost-effective way.


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