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Birdham Pool Marina - Land Remediation

At Birdham Pool Marina in Chichester, we undertook the challenging task of dredging an area of the marina to create new Berths, however strict license conditions imposed by the MMO made it impossible to dispose of the dredged material off site. Our solution was to use the material to create a new embankment behind the new berths using a combination of nico-span geotextile and timber stakes. Over time this would dry out and form a

new land mass populated with marginal planting.


Overwhelmed with demand from Boat owners wanting to moor their boats in this idyllic location, the owners Castle Marinas were faced with a difficult situation; how to provide additional berths in an already tightly packed marina.

P&D Environmental was approached to provide a solution to the problem of how to provide more space in and already full marina. Our solution was to dredge an unused area of the marina to make it accessible to sailing vessels, create new pontoons to access these berths and transport the dredged material to form a new land mass at the edge of the marina.

We dredged some 5000m³ of material from the marina to maintain an average depth of 1.5 meters.

We formed a new revetment using timber stakes and nico-span geotextile, reinforced using stainless steel cables spanning to additional back ties. We then filled the area using dredged material to form a new land mass.

Once dried, this area was planted with marginal planting and grasses will establish reinforcing the bank and creating a new habitat for wildlife and birds.

This project was completed to the satisfaction of the MMO and the consultant ecologist, with the client being very happy with the quality of both workmanship and professionalism of our workforce, as well as being completed on time and to a tight budget. | | 01283 762446

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