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Restoration Project at Stoneleigh Abbey

We have recently completed a restoration project of the Mill Wheel, pump and the pump-house roof at Stoneleigh Abbey in Warwickshire.

P&D Environmental are delighted to have been appointed as the Principal Contractors on this project.

P& D Environmental Ltd carry out a range of work for Local Authorities, Public Bodies, Main Contractors and Private Clients. We take pride in working with our clients to produce practical solutions which offer long term value.

The knowledge, experience and the diverse skills we have acquired over the years has allowed us to work on sensitive sites within SSSI (Sites of Specialist Scientific Interest) and conservation areas, as well as restoring Historic Structures along our waterways.

Our range of bio-engineering services include;

  • Habitat creation

  • Waterway rejuvenation and restoration schemes

  • Erosion protection and prevention

  • Supply and installation of nicospan, pre-planted coir rolls and pallets

  • Design and installation of floating islands, reed bed filtration systems

  • Bed level raising

  • Re-meandering

  • Channel narrowing

  • Fish passage improvements

  • Soft revetment and bank protection

For more information on pontoon hire contact us on 01283 762446 or email

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